Stephen Batts, Staff Member
Malcolm Bryant, Board Member and Senior Technical Advisor
Ann Buxbaum, Board and Staff Member
Peter Cross, President, Board and Staff Member
Charles Dickinson, Board and Staff Member
Ileana Fajardo, Chief Operating Officer, Board and Staff Member
Douglas Huber, Advisor to the Board
Cristina de Nicolas Izquierdo, Consultant
Thomas Park,  Advisor to the Board
Christine Pilcavage, Board Member and Technical Advisor
Charles Stover, Treasurer, Board and Staff Member
Wayne Stinson, Board and Staff Member
Elaine Wong, Staff Member

Stephen Batts, BA, MHP, AFCHSE

Stephen BattsStephen Batts joined IDEAS as a consultant in February 2011 and became a staff member six months later. In both roles, he has been assisting the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan to initiate and develop the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program for their many internationally-supported hospitals.

Before joining the international development arena, Mr. Batts spent many years in a variety of high-level healthcare positions. He served as CEO of the largest public and private university teaching and referral hospitals in Australia and Asia Pacific. In Australia, he also worked in Treasury and in accident compensation insurance organizations as executive director and board chairman.

In the international component of his career, Mr. Batts has been Regional CEO of Aga Khan Health Services, East Africa and Regional Director of the Clinton Foundation in Ethiopia. He has led many financial consulting, merger and acquisition, governance, and due diligence projects for the world’s largest international banks and investors in Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

For 10 years, Mr. Batts has played a prominent role in Hospital Developments International Pty Ltd (HDI). HDI is a healthcare consulting company specializing in hospital feasibility, financing, design, construction, management, and development. HDI also assists governments in the privatization and corporatization of public hospitals and healthcare facilities. Mr. Batts contributions to HDI over the last 10 years have included PPP consultancies and project management services to private and government clients. Concurrent with his affiliation with IDEAS, Mr. Batts continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of HDI.

Mr. Batts has a degree in Economics from the University of Queensland and a Masters Degree in Health Planning from the University of New South Wales.

E-mail: mailto:sbatts@ideas4hlth.com

Malcolm Bryant, MBBS, MPH

bio_malcolmMalcolm Bryant, IDEAS Technical Associate, is a public health physician with over 30 years of experience as a clinician, educator, researcher, and manager of public health programs. He has devoted his career to the improvement of health outcomes by increasing access to high-quality health services.

Dr. Bryant has designed and implemented reproductive and child health programs, with continuing emphasis on the determinants of health and the development of community-based health systems. He has long-term experience in Africa (Zimbabwe and Cameroon), and has conducted extensive short-term consultancies in more than 15 African countries as well as in Haiti, Latin America, and Asia. In addition to the design and implementation of health programs, Dr. Bryant has evaluated numerous USAID field projects in Haiti, Nicaragua, Madagascar, Senegal, and the Philippines.

Dr. Bryant works equally effectively with civil society organizations and public-sector agencies. Through IDEAS, he assisted the Rwandan Ministry of Health in the design of Rwanda’s new national policy and five-year strategy for quality improvement.  Most recently, he worked with the Ministry of Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to introduce an innovative methodology for maintaining and improving quality at the point of service delivery by bringing together health system and community approaches to care.

Dr. Bryant is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Center for Global Health and Development at Boston University’s School of Public Health, where he manages a research program seeking to improve the quality and coverage of services to orphans and vulnerable children around the world through applied, operations, and evaluation research.

Dr. Bryant is fluent in French.

email: mbryant@ideas4hlth.com

Ann Buxbaum, MSS, MPA

Ann Buxbaum

For more than 25 years, Ann Buxbaum has supported developing-country and domestic partners in building leadership capacity; strengthening organizational structures and systems; and communicating public health information to health providers, managers, and ordinary citizens. She has used her writing and editing skills to develop many successful grant applications to the US government and private foundations and to create lively, practical materials–including distance-learning courses–for developing-country managers and health providers.  She has particular interest in encouraging and assisting organizations to evaluate their own work.

Ms. Buxbaum has provided assistance in Africa, South Asia and the former Soviet Union. She has also applied tools and approaches from the developing world to underserved communities in the US.  For five years, she contributed to the creation and growth of a Japanese health development NGO and has conducted strategic planning exercises for Japanese development professionals.

Through IDEAS, Ms. Buxbaum has assisted Management Sciences for Health to adapt an innovative leadership development process for senior managers and management teams. She has carried out numerous writing and editing assignments with varied organizations. She worked with a group of Canadian NGOs to assess the impact of their services and co-editing a book based on their findings; edited a computer-based handbook that helps health care managers and service providers take leadership roles in strengthening health systems and developed an e-learning programs on country ownership for USAID staff and developing-country leaders.

She is currently bringing her expertise in organizational development to a number of non-profit organizations in the Boston area.

email: abuxbaum@ideas4hlth.com

Peter Cross, MA

Peter Cross

Peter Cross, the president of IDEAS, is a management systems expert and economist who has assisted national health systems in more than 25 developing countries to make evidence-based decisions that improve health outcomes within resource constraints. He is a strong advocate for performance measures and incentives, and public-private partnerships.  His experience spans all six of WHO’s health systems “building blocks”: health services; a health workforce; health (and management) information systems; medical products, vaccines and technologies; health systems financing; and leadership and governance.

Mr. Cross has 30-plus years of resident experience in developing countries in Asia (Nepal and Afghanistan), Latin America (Bolivia, Honduras, and Nicaragua) and Africa (South Africa) and a wealth of short-term work in more than 20 other countries. He has directed several large, complex field projects. He has used his strong quantitative and writing skills to lead or contribute significantly to a dozen successful proposals for large USAID and Inter-American Development Bank health projects. He is currently a member of USAID’s Supply Chain Sustainability TAG.

In recent IDEAS assignments, he assisted the Afghan Ministry of Public Health to develop and implement a national policy and strategic plan for the private health sector, which are designed to increase private-sector contributions to government health goals. He contributed to the development of the Afghan Social Marketing Organization, which is assuming expanded responsibility for USAID’s social marketing efforts and is working to strengthen several private professional and business associations.

In Pakistan, Mr. Cross led two teams that worked with the Ministry of Health’s Malaria Control Directorate to successfully resolve conditions that were impeding the approval for a Global Fund grant to the Directorate. He also assisted the PRIDE Project with health financing and planning processes and with its final assessment of project accomplishments. In Rwanda he recently helped to strengthen the financial management of Rwanda’s pharmaceutical procurement and distribution agency.

Mr. Cross is fluent in Spanish and has basic skills in French, Dari, and Nepali.

email: pcross@ideas4hlth.com

Charles Dickinson, MS, Mgmt

Charles Dickinson is an experienced manager and consultant who is skilled in planning and implementing systems development and organizational change initiatives. He has worked domestically in both the public and private sectors, with particular experience in the use of technology for management information, collaboration, and learning.   In 2002 he made a career transition into international public health, and served for five years as Senior Manager for Knowledge Exchange at Management Sciences for Health. Since joining IDEAS, Mr. Dickinson has primarily worked to strengthen monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and governance systems for national disease programs supported by the Global Fund.

Through the USAID-funded Grants Management Solutions (GMS) Project, he has assisted national programs in tuberculosis (Nepal, Armenia, Bhutan, Fiji), HIV/AIDS (Ghana, Armenia, Bhutan), and malaria (Pakistan) to assess, strengthen, and manage their M&E systems.  He has implemented the M&E Systems Strengthening Tool (MESST), introduced the Routine Data Quality Assurance (RDQA) Tool in many varied settings, and developed GMS Toolkits for both of these methodologies.  He has also provided independent technical assistance to the Ghana AIDS Commission to develop a new data management manual for its implementing partners providing HIV prevention services.

Mr. Dickinson’s Global Fund governance work has focused on assisting Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) in Pakistan, Solomon Islands, and Bangladesh to assess Global Fund eligibility and performance status, strengthen oversight systems (including implementing a “dashboard” reporting tool with implementing partners), develop new governance documents, and strengthen CCM operations and administrative systems.  He and other GMS team members received a commendation for outstanding technical support to the Pakistan Country Coordinating Mechanism in strengthening grant oversight.

In addition to his work with the GMS Project, Mr. Dickinson has also conducted organizational strengthening initiatives with private health associations in Kabul, Afghanistan (Afghan Midwives Association, Afghan National Medical Services Organization), and with the Ghana AIDS Commission and its NGO partners in data management and reporting.

Mr. Dickinson speaks French.

email: cdickinson@ideas4hlth.com

Ileana M. Fajardo, MS, MS, MPH

Ileana M. Fajardo is IDEAS’ Operations Officer, and a skilled manager with more than 30 years of financial and administrative experience for large projects in Honduras, Nicaragua and South Africa.  In this capacity, she directly supervised administrative and technical staff and ensured compliance with complex US Government contracts.  She has organized large international conference; participated in domestic research projects developing protocols, training interviewers, and analyzing data; and coached and mentored program staff to strengthen technical and management skills. Ms. Fajardo has worked in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Through IDEAS, Ms. Fajardo has supported the Global Fund in Honduras, Armenia, Mauritius, Malaysia, Uganda and Angola. In Honduras she provided technical assistance in management and administrative systems to the Honduran National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS. As a result of the team consultancy the Association developed financial and administrative, human resources and M&E systems and operational manuals. In Armenia, she supported the Ministry of Health, as Principal Recipient of Global Fund TB grants, to improve its management, personnel, and financial capacity to administer the funds. In Mauritius, as a member of a consulting team, she supported the Mauritius Family Planning and Welfare Association in strengthening its management and reporting systems for the implementation of its HIV/AIDS Round 8 Grant. She led technical assistance teams providing support to The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) in Uganda and the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) both of which were Principal Recipients (PRs) of Global Fund Round 10 grants.  One of the teams’ major contributions to these PRs was the development of standard operating procedures, contract templates and documents required for grant signature. In addition, a second assignment in Malaysia led to the support in the preparation of the Phase II proposal. In Angola, Ms. Fajardo led teams which strengthened the organizational development and management capacity of the Global Fund Project Management Unit, Principal Recipient of Angola’s malaria and tuberculosis grants and supported the recently established Global Fund processes of Country Coordinating Mechanisms eligibility performance assessment and development of a governance and operations improvement plan.

Ms. Fajardo contributed to a study commissioned by the Global Fund Technical Evaluation Reference Group aimed at identifying issues related to sustainability of Global Fund supported programs; provide lessons for countries in similar situations and to inform the development of a “sustainability strategy” for Global Fund supported programs.

Ms. Fajardo is bilingual in Spanish and English, speaks French and is conversant in Portuguese.

E-mail: ifajardo@ideas4hlth.com

Douglas Huber, MD, MSc

Douglas Huber

Douglas Huber is a physician and reproductive health expert who has provided leadership for large-scale family planning and reproductive health programs in 41 countries. For more than 30 years, Dr. Huber has held senior positions in international reproductive health organizations. He has led innovations that have significantly increased contraceptive prevalence in varied settings, including successful community-based programs in Bangladesh and Afghanistan that served as models for national scale-up of family planning services.

Dr. Huber has served on expert international committees for the World Health Organization and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. In this capacity, he contributed to the widely used Global Handbook for Family Planning Providers and newly developed family planning guidelines for health providers and clients. He has served on multiple evaluation teams assessing service delivery and research programs in family planning/reproductive health. He was a founding organizer of the Emergency Contraception Consortium and of the Post-abortion Care Consortium (PAC), which has mobilized global support for post-abortion family planning.

With IDEAS, Dr. Huber provided technical guidance for a project, supported by the US Centers for Disease Control, to develop evaluation tools and monitor the quality of male circumcision for HIV prevention in developing countries. As co-chair and board liaison for the Family Planning/Reproductive Health working group of Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH), he works closely with leaders in Christian health associations and Islamic health networks in Africa.

E-mail: dhuber@ideas4hlth.com

Cristina de Nicolas Izquierdo, MA, MA

Cristina de Nicolas IzquierdoFor 13 years Cristina de Nicolas Izquierdo has served as an international consultant in health systems strengthening, organizational development, institutional strengthening, and capacity building. She has considerable experience supporting Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms drawing on her expertise in governance, monitoring and evaluation and conflict resolution. As an IDEAS consultant, Ms. de Nicolas Izquierdo supported the Afghan Midwives Association and the Organization of Afghan Midwives to strengthen their self-regulatory capacity, thereby enhancing the quality of products and services provided by their members.

Ms. de Nicolas Izquierdo mother tongue is Spanish.  She is fluent in English and French and speaks Russian.

E-mail: cristinadenicolas@gmail.com

Thomas Park, MA, MPH

Thomas Park is a senior manager and strategic development specialist with more than 30 years of technical and management field experience in the developing world. He has worked both as a USAID Foreign Service Officer and an independent consultant, developing national programs and supporting missions’ portfolios. As an IDEAS staff member, Mr. Park continues to devote much of his energy to building strong, productive relationships with senior country officials and donor agencies.

After two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Gabon and Ethiopia, Mr. Park began his professional career by joining USAID as a health officer in Mali and Honduras and was rapidly promoted to the position of mission director in Benin, Guinea, and Ethiopia. He served as chief of party of a large USAID project in Uganda and as an agricultural development officer in Nigeria.

Since retiring from USAID, Mr. Park has carried out health program development consultancies in Rwanda, Congo Brazzaville, Afghanistan, Philippines, Malawi, and Ethiopia. Most recently, he evaluated large USAID-funded health programs in China and Pakistan.

Mr. Park is fluent in French and competent in Spanish.

E-mail: tpark@ideas4hlth.com

Christine Pilcavage, MPH, MIA

Christine Pilcavage

For 20 years, Christine Pilcavage has advised diverse international stakeholders in government, non-government, and grassroots organizations on business processes, cultural competence, and the application of public health best practices. She has worked with USAID, the Japanese Government, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the World Health Organization on population, health, and nutrition issues in Africa and Asia. She helped to negotiate the first multi-year grant in infectious diseases with the Japanese government. She is skilled in collaborating with multiple partners, HIV/AIDS counseling, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building. She is currently Program and Finance Manager for a USAID cooperative agreement—the Comprehensive Initiative for Technology Evaluation (CITE)—at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As a member of IDEAS, Ms. Pilcavage has supported the Global Fund by helping to strengthen the secretariat of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) of  Macedonia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste, resulting in the preparation of manuals for various aspects of program management. She has also worked with a former Senior Vice Minister of Health of Japan to promote Japanese government action on a series of critical global health issues; she made a substantive contribution to an advocacy effort that succeeded in placing health system strengthening on the agenda at the 2008 G8 Summit in Toyako, Japan. She is the author of “Japan’s ODA in the Global Health Sector and Global Health Governance,” a chapter in the recently published book, Asia’s Role in Governing Global Health.

Ms. Pilcavage is fluent in Japanese and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

E-mail: cpilcavage@ideas4hlth.com

Wayne Stinson, PhD, MS, MIA

Wayne Stinson, one of the founders of IDEAS, is a public health systems specialist and sociologist, with technical expertise in malaria control, child survival, and family planning, as well as information management, district planning and management, and quality assurance. He has assisted national and local programs and worked with managers in more than 30 countries to analyze problems, strengthen technical quality, and monitor solutions as they are implemented. For two years, he served as chief of party of USAID’s Reducing Childhood Morbidity and Strengthening Health Systems Programme in Malawi, focusing on district health development.

In recent years, Dr. Stinson has focused on malaria control, in support of the US Government’s President’s Malaria Initiative in Rwanda and the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. At the Regional Development Mission in Asia, he led the joint USAID/CDC effort to prevent and control resistance to malaria treatment drugs through community health systems, epidemic surveillance, and commodity procurement and distribution. As PMI Malaria Advisor in Rwanda, he managed a portfolio of $19 million per year. He oversaw indoor residual spraying, distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs), and monitoring and evaluation, and he conducted analyses of cyclical malaria increases. In Uganda and Tanzania he recently designed and evaluated distribution systems for LLINs for protection against malaria vectors.

In addition to primary health care, Dr. Stinson has built a strong reputation in systems development, monitoring and evaluation, health care financing, quality assurance, supervision and problem solving, and human resource management.  Dr. Stinson has worked in South East Asia, Asia and Africa.

He is fluent in French; and has working knowledge of Hindi, Nepali and Russian.

E-mail: wstinson@ideas4hlth.com

Charles Stover, MPA

bio_charlesCharles Stover is a senior consultant who also serves as IDEAS’ treasurer. For more than three decades, he has assisted governments, nonprofit organizations, and the for-profit sector to strengthen the health financing systems that underlie high-quality health services. His expertise includes government and private health insurance, hospital management, managed care, health financing programs including user fee systems, decentralization, resource allocation, and health system restructuring.

Mr. Stover held high-level positions in health and human services in Massachusetts; he also served as chief operating officer of a 275-bed hospital and executive director of a prepaid managed care plan. When he turned his attention to international public health, he served as chief of party, project director, and lead technical advisor for large USAID health financing and reform projects in the Philippines and Kenya. He has provided short-term technical assistance in seventeen countries in Africa, Asia, and the Latin American/Caribbean region.

Mr. Stover has completed six Global Fund country assignments through the Grant Management Solutions (GMS) project. He is currently assisting government and NGO leaders in Guyana to strengthen oversight of Global Fund grants by the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM). He led two GMS teams in the Philippines — working with the Department of Health and with an NGO managing five grants — and two in Bhutan, assisting the Ministry of Health to prepare a closeout plan for a grant that was ending and to successfully apply for new tuberculosis grants.  He also served on teams building the capacity of the CCM in Pakistan and restructuring the CCM in Jordan. In Kenya, he provided assistance in strategic planning for governance reforms in the government’s provincial referral hospitals. Recently, Mr. Stover served on a team of four consultants to complete an important study on how countries can adjust to decreased Global Fund support while continuing to achieve progress in their programs  to reduce HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Mr. Stover is fluent in French.

E-mail: cstover@ideas4hlth.com

Elaine Wong, BPP, LLB

Elaine Wong

Elaine Wong is a monitoring and evaluation expert with six years of experience setting up M&E systems for grant-making and implementing agencies, specializing in results-based management systems. Her M&E competencies include designing evaluations; developing indicators; qualitative methodologies and participatory assessments; and qualitative and quantitative survey design, implementation and analysis. She has set up M&E systems to implement the Global Fund’s $12 million project in Malaysia, and designed a variety of M&E Systems for over 10 recipient countries to monitor a $10M Malaysian natural disaster rehabilitation grant. As an IDEAS consultant she has provided technical assistance on an USAID-funded Health Policy Project in Afghanistan to develop a series of M&E plans to monitor important elements of the Ministry of Public Health’s Strategic Plan to Support the National Policy for the Private Health Sector. She has organized and conducted highly effective participatory M&E training in a number of Asian countries including Afghanistan.

Ms. Wong is bilingual in Malay/English and conversant in Indonesian and Mandarin.

E-mail: ewong@ideas4hlth.com

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