Location: Rwanda

Improving quality management in health

IDEAS facilitated the Ministry of Health’s efforts to create a National Policy for Quality Management in Health, a five-year strategic plan, and associated implementation plans.

IDEAS created a set of common quality indicators for use throughout the health system; led the team which created the “Patient’s Charter of Rights and Responsibilities”; and proposed a new governance structure for government and civil society to monitor and assure quality services. IDEAS worked with USAID’s Performance-Based Financing Initiative, interviewing staff, clients, community members, and leaders of mutuelles to improve the quality measurement aspects of performance incentives. Based on the findings, IDEAS then worked with the Ministry of Health to begin a reform of district-level supervision, introducing a more formative and less punitive approach. This involved working with all donors and implementation partners in-country to achieve consensus around the need for change and the way forward.

Pharmaceutical management

IDEAS was called on to respond to the recommendation for a review of the financial situation at CAMERWA, the parastatal organization responsible for the purchase, storage, and distribution of medicines and other medical supplies. To strengthen overall performance, IDEAS assisted CAMERWA staff in installing and implementing the USAID-funded state-of-the-art financial management system. IDEAS also contributed to the assessment of options for active distribution by CAMERWA, as opposed to the existing passive distribution system under which the staff of health facilities had to travel to CAMERWA’s warehouse to collect products.

Partnering to strengthen health systems
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