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Strengthening the Principal Recipient for six Global Fund grants

In 2003, The Tropical Disease Foundation (TDF) was named by the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) as Principal Recipient (PR) for the first Global Fund grant to the Philippines. By 2007, TDF was managing six of the eight Global Fund grants and in 2008, the organization was applying for two six-year continuation grants for TB and malaria, which represented a significant amount of funding.

As a non-profit NGO, TDF could operate more quickly than government agencies. Its track record for grant performance was very good overall and excellent in some cases. But the organization had grown rapidly – from 20 to 241 employees in four years – and needed a comprehensive management review and work plan to meet a Global Fund requirement for new contracts.

A four-person Grant Management Solutions (GMS) Project team, led by an IDEAS staff member, was invited to assist TDF in meeting some important challenges. The GMS team conducted three visits, during which TDF staff worked hard and cooperatively to address a series of challenges relating to staff functions and financial management. The GMS team and their financial and human resources counterparts completed a staffing analysis and clarified the assignments of TDF staff among the various contracts and sub-contracts. In collaboration with their counterparts, the team conducted a comprehensive management review, prepared a work plan, drew up an administrative budget, and improved the revenue reporting system in time to meet Global Fund requirements. The findings of the review also led to the restructuring and invigoration of the Board.

By the time of the six-month follow-up assessments, TDF had met all Global Fund conditions for continuing disbursement of the various grants.

Strengthening a first-time Global Fund Principal Recipient

In 2008, the Philippines Department of Health (DOH) requested assistance to improve implementation of the Round 6 HIV/AIDS grant. As a first-time Principal Recipient (PR), the DOH was having difficulty implementing the grant, though the specific causes were not clear. The hope was for quick improvements that would enable the Global Fund to concur with the government’s latest funding request.

The GMS project fielded a four-person assessment team, headed by an IDEAS staff member. During three visits, the team identified the key issues and proposed solutions that included the development of a project implementation manual, definition of staff roles and responsibilities and steps to improve the flow of funds. The DOH accepted and carried out these recommendations.

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