Location: Nigeria

Support to two Principal Recipients

In 2014, the National Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) and Society for Family Health (SFH) – the two Principal Recipients (PRs) of Nigeria’s New Funding Model (NFM) grant from the Global Fund to reduce malaria – requested support from the Grant Management Solutions (GMS) Project to help finalize all grant documents.

IDEAS supported the Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) components of the grant.  The GMS PSM team:

  • helped revise the quantification of malaria commodities to reflect revised targets for all interventions under the NFM,
  • supported the development of Implementation Maps, showing the participation of national, regional and community level organizations, and the flow of commodities and funds,
  • assisted in the revision of Risk Mitigation plans, including expanding plans to include disease outbreaks and the impact of Nigerian elections,
  • supported the PRs to finalize the PSM component of the Country Assessment Tool,
  • helped NMEP develop a 6-month plan to operationalize the Malaria Commodity Logistics System.

The PSM team worked in close collaboration with GMS’ two Principal Recipient teams and the M&E team, with NMEP and SFH, and with the Global Fund PSM team.  Despite the challenges of working on one of the very first NFM grants, all deadlines were met and NMEP and SFH successfully completed all required documentation.  97% of Nigeria’s 140 million people live in malaria endemic zones, making Nigeria one of the countries with the highest malaria burden, and GFATM malaria commodities continue to be available across the country.


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