Location: Kenya

Global Fund Sustainability Strategy

As a subcontractor to the Kenyan Continental Development Alliance Consultants in 2012, IDEAS supported the Global Fund in conducting a study to identify issues related to sustainability of Global Fund-supported programs in 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Eastern Europe and Asia. The results of the study were applied to provide guidance for countries moving from a low income level to a higher level, and to inform the development of a sustainability strategy for Global Fund-supported programs going forward. The IDEAS consultancy addressed challenges related to income level, level of collaboration with other development partners, and strategies and approaches for transition when Global Fund support ends.

Male circumcision to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS

Many research studies have shown that male circumcision can significantly reduce the risk of HIV acquisition by men. With funding from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), IDEAS worked as a subcontractor to Westat to develop, validate, and apply tools by which to measure and monitor the quality of circumcision procedures conducted by local CDC grantees. Using these field-validated tools, IDEAS provided clinical expertise to the technical team assessing rapidly expanding male circumcision services in Kenya, Swaziland and other African countries. Working with colleagues on the external quality assurance team from CDC, USAID, National Institutes of Health, and ministries of health, IDEAS contributed to maintaining the quality of male circumcision services at public and private facilities.

Partnering to strengthen health systems
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