Location: Guyana

Strengthening the Country Coordinating Mechanism

Like most countries managing Global Fund grants, the Guyana Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) recently received strong recommendations to strengthen its governance practices and improve oversight of its grants in HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. While the grants were performing well, the Global Fund required that both the CCM and the Principal Recipient (PR) improve their management and operations. Guyana had received Global Fund grants since 2003 and had adjusted CCM and PR arrangements periodically. Now it was necessary to bring the CCM into compliance with the latest regulations governing CCMs.
In 2013, Guyana’s CCM requested assistance from Grant Management Solutions (GMS) to strengthen its governance and grant oversight. An IDEAS staff member headed a three-person team that provided technical assistance during three trips. During that period, the CCM made substantial improvements in its operations: establishing standing committees on governance and oversight and adopting and implementing a governance manual, conflict of interest policy, oversight plan, and Secretariat operations manual and work plans. The GMS team worked with the CCM committees to prepare the draft manuals and plans based on previous Guyana CCM documents and GMS best practices from other countries. In addition, the CCM renewed and updated its membership in line with current requirements.

Under the leadership of the IDEAS staff member, the team accompanied the oversight committee on its first visit to see the malaria program in a mining district in in central Guyana – a highly successful application of the newly developed oversight plan. Throughout the GMS assignment, the CCM and members of its two new committees played an active role in preparing and adopting the revised policies and procedures.
During this assignment, IDEAS also worked with the CCM to revise requests for Phase 2 funding, incorporating greater participation of civil society organizations in working with special populations with high incidence of HIV/AIDS. The new committee structure and the improved governance and oversight policies helped to strengthen these revised requests, leading to Global Fund approval of the changes.

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