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Ghana AIDS Commission: Development of a Data Management Manual

In 2010 the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) participated in an assessment of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and capabilities for the Global Fund’s Round 8 HIV-AIDS grant. As a final step in this initiative, the GAC developed an M&E Systems Strengthening Plan that identified specific strengthening measures – in particular the development of a data management manual.

Early in 2012, GAC selected IDEAS to provide the technical assistance for this effort.  IDEAS worked with central and regional M&E officers from GAC and with a data management working group representing its primary Implementing Partners: West African Project to Combat AIDS and STI (WAPCAS), Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OICI), and Family Health International (FHI).

Adapting forms that the GAC M&E staff had already produced, the working group collaborated with the IDEAS consultant to develop a series of data management manuals, one for each HIV prevention service area:  behavioral change communications, HIV testing and counseling, home-based care, services to orphans and vulnerable children, and services to persons living with HIV.

This effort has fostered uniform approaches, within and across service areas, for the collection and reporting of data.  The manuals are contributing to more consistent data management tools for all service providers and ultimately to greatly improved data quality.

Assessing monitoring and evaluation systems across multiple Global Fund Principal Recipients

The Republic of Ghana has received two large-scale HIV-AIDS grants from the Global Fund: one emphasizing care and treatment and the other focusing on prevention services. The prevention grant involves the coordinated efforts of four Principal Recipients (PRs), under the leadership of the Ghana AIDS Commission.

Once the prevention grant was approved, the Global Fund required each PR to conduct a formal assessment of its monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems, and to use the results of that assessment to prepare an M&E systems strengthening plan. The Ghana AIDS Commission selected  IDEAS to assist in this process because of its extensive Global Fund experience in assessing and strengthening the M&E systems of national disease programs.

IDEAS fielded two workshop facilitators who had significant experience with the Global Fund’s M&E Systems Strengthening Tool (MESST). This team worked with the Ghana AIDS Commission and two other PRs — Adventist Development and Relief Agency and Planned Parenthood of Ghana — to design and facilitate a two-day workshop for staff from more than 25 implementing organizations. The workshop was designed to foster dialogue and sharing of experiences as well as to contribute to stronger M&E systems.

In addition, the team worked with management and M&E staff from each of the PRs to develop and submit formal M&E system-strengthening plans. Senior managers from all the organizations expressed their satisfaction with the collaborative relationships created through this process, as well as with the quality of the final products.

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