Location: Fiji

Establishing a new monitoring and evaluation capability at the national level

When the National Tuberculosis Program in Fiji received its first Global Fund grant in November 2009, the Ministry of Health requested assistance from the Grant Management Solutions (GMS) Project to facilitate the development of a new monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the program, enabling it to meet Global Fund M&E requirements. Although IDEAS was not initially involved in this assignment, a staff member was subsequently asked to assume leadership of the M&E team for its third and final visit.

The team successfully completed two important activities which were already in progress: development of an M&E systems strengthening plan, and preparation of a new M&E Plan for the National TB Program. The Global Fund accepted these plans as meeting its M&E requirements, thereby ensuring continued funding for the program.

In addition, the IDEAS team leader provided introductory training on the Routine Data Quality Assurance (RDQA) tool, a methodology for routinely assessing data quality and developing system-strengthening responses to identified weaknesses.

Staffing and strengthening a Grant Management Unit

IDEAS was a member of the Grant Management Solutions-Principal Recipient (GMS-PR) team which assisted the Government of Fiji in meeting the conditions for the first ever Global Fund grant to Fiji–a grant designed to address the country’s serious tuberculosis problem. The team helped to facilitate the recruitment of staff for the Grant Management Unit (GMU) of the Ministry of Health and to strengthen the ability of the GMU to manage the grant.

Faced with challenges in the start-up phase, the team worked with the GMU to develop the Grant Implementation Manual and the Sub-Recipient Management Plan. The GMU has since used these documents to manage their grant and to assist sub-recipients and implementing units in revisiting, analyzing, and revising their work plans and budgets. With assistance from the team, the GMU adopted a strategy for communications within the unit and among its many stakeholders. And finally, the team helped the GMU to establish and maintain the systems, that ensured the smooth flow of funds in support of all grant activities.

Partnering to strengthen health systems
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