Location: East Timor

Strengthening Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Governance and Oversight 

In 2010-11, IDEAS provided technical support to the Timor Leste CCM through the Grant Management Solutions (GMS) Project. An IDEAS staff member led the GMS team in its mandate and accomplished the following:

  • diagnosed key issues regarding governance, organizational structures, and membership participation
  • strengthened the oversight capacity of the CCM
  • improved the management, technical and strategic planning capacity of the CCM and Secretariat
  • revised the CCM and Technical Committees Terms of Reference
  • developed/revised as needed other governance and framework documents
  • developed a resource mobilization plan for the financial sustainability of the CCM
  • conducted capacity-building workshops for the CCM, Technical Committees, and Secretariat

Based on the initial diagnosis, the team worked with the CCM to produce and adopt a governance manual, oversight plan, and conflict-of-interest and mitigation plan (both translated into the local language). These achievements helped to increase continuity of the CCM membership and foster more effective meetings. The team also supported the CCM in building awareness of and commitment to the CCM role among high government officials and key donor agencies, with a focus on adequate and qualified staffing, a budget that could support the CCM workplan, and assistance with resource mobilization.

The work of the team enabled the CCM to win its Global Fund Round 10 grant and maintain critical TB activities in Timor Leste.


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