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IDEAS Assists Bangladesh Principal Recipients to Use a New Tool for Reporting Grant Performance

IDEAS staff recently played a key role in assisting Global Fund Principal Recipients in Bangladesh to implement a new “grant dashboard” system for reporting grant performance to the Bangladesh Country Coordinating Mechanism (BCCM), the country’s multi-sector governing body. Bangladesh is currently implementing six Global Fund grants that represent substantial amounts of funding — two each in tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS.

IDEAS provided this technical assistance through USAID’s Grant Management Solutions (GMS) project. It was a second IDEAS assignment with the Bangladesh CCM, immediately following assistance that enabled the BCCM to renew its membership and strengthen its governance and operational functions.

The Global Fund requires Country Coordinating Mechanisms to oversee the grants they have secured, and the CCM Grant Dashboard is a major tool for carrying out this responsibility. In assisting the BCCM and Principal Recipients to adopt and use the tool, the GMS team conducted an introductory two-day workshop and then worked with each Principal Recipient (PR) to set up and customize the Grant Dashboard to report its financial, management, and programmatic performance. The Principal Recipients will now use the new Grant Dashboards to report their performance and highlight implementation issues to the BCCM Oversight Committee.

The culmination of this technical assistance effort came in a recent BCCM retreat, when all six Principal Recipients presented their first Grant Dashboard results to the Oversight Committee and BCCM members. The results were dramatic for all concerned – PR managers and BCCM Members alike were enthusiastic and noted that the information displayed in the Dashboard’s graphs and reports changed the tone and substance of the grant review process. Rather than reporting on anecdotal evidence, the discussion of grant performance was now informed by updated, consistent performance data on a range of critical financial, management, and programmatic indicators. In addition, a number of new issues — including shortages in stock levels of drugs and equipment — were highlighted for follow-up action.

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