ExpertiseChild Survival
Immunization, infectious disease control, diarrheal disease management, acute respiratory infections, and nutrition.

Maternal health
Ante- and post-natal care, intra-partum care, reduction of maternal mortality.

Reproductive health
Women’s rights, gender equity, family planning, prevention of sexually transmitted illnesses

HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria
Community- and facility-based prevention, care, and treatment

Chronic illness
Prevention, treatment, ongoing care and palliative care

Collaborated with the government to develop the national policy and strategic plan for quality management, in response to public demand for improved health services. Then assisted the Ministry of Health to implement the strategic plan.
Collaborated with the Ministry of Health on public/private partnerships to make high-quality health products and services available through the private sector. Obtained support to establish a private-sector directorate within the Ministry.
Partnering to strengthen health systems
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